7 Top Selling Crafts That Sell Like Hot Cakes Online

Are you a creative crafty DIY person? Do you consider yourself pretty handy with the latest tools, gadgets, cutting machines?  Have you ever considered selling your creations? I bet you have. So what’s stopping you?

What’s keeping you from having your own piece of the DIY Online Etsy Business pie?  It’s time you join those who are MAKING BANK selling their creations. Don’t wait. Your time is now! 

But, how? 

What’s the secret to going from selling nothing to being a top seller?  Well, my friend, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. There are several factors that account for the success of an Etsy Business.  But it all begins with identifying your niche and the need that you are going to meet within that niche. In other words, what are you selling that people need? If you want to learn more about finding your niche see The One Essential Step That Could be Costing You When Starting an Online Business.  

But for now, I am assuming you are ready to move on.  You know what you are going to offer. The next step is identifying how this niche will fit into one of the top selling areas online.  Which means you need to do some research. **snore**

But don’t worry, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a hard numbers kind of girl.  I like to see proof before I venture into the unknown and I know many of you appreciate the same.  In my many years of experience in the online crafting industry, I have done my fair share of research.  So what are the results of my research?  

You’ll soon find out!!

I'm going to share with you the crafts that have proven to be top sellers in today’s market based on 1) the leading shops on Etsy, the number one e-commerce platform selling handmade items, 2) top sellers on Amazon and 3) top sellers I’ve seen across the board since entering this area several years ago.  As an extra bonus, I am going to include shop numbers, trend statistics or my own sales numbers. **applause**  You’re Welcome!!

What are Etsy’s 7 Top Selling Crafts Online?  

You are just moments away from answering this questio`n.  Tick Tock! Time’s Wasting! Let’s get started….

1. Planners/Stationery/Inserts/Stickers and Embellishments

I am not surprised to find planners as a top seller.  With so many people owning their own businesses and managing their home and family.  They need to stay organized to survive. Planner sales have been on the up for a while now.  Not to mention, it's a lot easier and more affordable for customers to print and punch their own rather than buy the entire planner and binder in a local store! 

After taking on my new role as a SAHM,  I bought a Happy Planner to find a more affordable way to change out my yearly calendar. After several Google searches, I stumbled upon printable inserts on Etsy.  There were so many cute themes and styles, I was sold! I still purchase inserts for my home and business planners, TO THIS DAY! There are several online shops and stores who are profitable in the planner genre.  Some of the leaders are…

  • Sweet Kawaii Design-They sell everything from inserts and stickers to pouches and washi tape.  They have pretty much any accessory you could want for your planner. They have done so well that they now have actually migrated from Etsy and launched their own website, SweetKawaiiDesign.com.
  • Libbie and Co.- Another example in the planner shop genre, they sell stickers and printable inserts. 
  • Planner Kate- This Etsy shop sells not only  planner inserts, but also, party favors. They have been around since 2016 and have a whopping 334,552 Sales!  

What do you think?  Do you want to join the online planner niche and start creating your own unique inserts?  All you need is some design knowledge and graphic design software (like Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustrator) along with a printer and a cutter (like Cricut or Silhouette) to reproduce and cut your stickers and inserts.  

2. Weddings?.....Etsy says “I DO!”

Anyone who knows Etsy, is aware that anything wedding related is very popular.  Craft Count  tracks the daily  top 10 shops on Etsy.  In fact, a shop that shows up on their list frequently, Mod Party is the leading in the industry with over 500,000 sales! Wowza!  They specialize in selling generic items (shirts, bathrobes, handbags, lipstick tubes etc.) customized with wedding themed words (Mr + Mrs, Bride or Bridesmaid etc.)  They also sell simple decor items you might use at a reception or bachelorette party. And, if that isn’t enough, they also provide the option of personalizing items for an extra fee. It’s One Stop Shopping for your wedding.  WOW!  Can you say genius?!

3. Anything Baby! Etsy shoppers go GOO GOO for babies!

We all love babies.  Amiright? This is also evident on Etsy.  For example, many shops are reeling in the dough by making simple baby headbands or bows. All you need is some nylons and a little bit of fabric and BAM! You have a simple profitable craft that takes only minutes to make.  One shop in particular, Think Pink Bows sells $2-$20 bows for babies and is a leading shop in their category!  What more proof do you need? 

4. Crocheting and Knitting...Not just for grandma anymore!

The Velvet Acorn  is leading the way in this niche.  They don’t sell a single piece of clothing or accessories. Their specialty is creating knit and crochet PATTERNS.  Buyers learn how to create their own pieces. Each pattern costs $5.50. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a custom hat or scarf, especially if you’re someone like me with limited knitting or crocheting skills.  Are you someone who creates your own patterns? Why not sell these as digital downloads? This would be an excellent option for a bit of passive income!

5. Machine Embroidery and Quilting Designs...The options are endless!

With evolving technology, what was once just a needle, thread, and a foot pedal-- now has a mind of its own.  Quilting and embroidery machines do require some time to learn, but once mastered, they can create the most intricate and beautiful designs.  With knowledge of these machines and the ability to create your own designs, you can make some big bucks, doing what you love. Rivermill Antiques has a hefty 1,903 designs listed on their shop at a $3.95 price point with over 289,000 sales. Can you say cha-ching?? 

6. Handmade and/or Custom Jewelry...Etsy is a girl’s Best Friend!

If you’ve shopped on Etsy before, (and I know you have) I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing handmade jewelry available for sale. Etsy is the place to find that unique and sometimes custom piece not found anywhere else.  In order to sell custom jewelry, you may need some expertise in this area unless you’re working through a fulfillment partner. Some shops buy their jewelry in bulk and then customize it using special tools to offer customers unique pieces made to order.  Jewelry pieces start at $20 and can go all the way up to $400 depending on the quality of jewelry purchased. Some examples of Etsy jewelry shop frontrunners are: 

7. Graphic Tees...Always in fashion on Etsy!

Graphic t-shirts are everywhere!  Evidence of their popularity can be found in any Walmart, Target or other big box store.  What’s even better about Etsy graphic tee shops ...you can customize them!  There is an influx in custom graphic tee sales and the demand is expected to increase over the next several years!  Cutting machine owners have jumped on the bandwagon by using their machines and SVG cut files to create designs on shirts with HTV, infusible ink and/or screen printing. 

Still need proof?  Nick Loper from The Side Hustle Show podcast just published an article on the Penny Hoarder discussing how one woman sold more than $128,000 shirts on Merch by Amazon in just one year


If you’re interested in designing t-shirts, then you’ll need a graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator which is a popular vector design software amongst graphic designers.  Your design options are endless with AI including making SVG Cut Files.  Many, including myself, have found amazing profitability selling SVG designs. I have made 100K solely by selling cut files*pinch me please!* So if you’re interested in doing all your crafting on the computer, you can instead create digital designs that sell themselves over and over again. 

And my personal favorite--Cut Files

Did you know that SVG Cut File Designers can use their designs to create graphic tees?  That’s two passive income options in one!! You don’t even need experience in graphic design!  **mindblown**  To learn more about SVG Cut File Design as a business, I teach a master class, “The Top Insider Tips to Becoming an SVG Designer”.  In it, I discuss why cut files are so popular today.

As a graphic tee designer, you may also want to consider Print on Demand services through fulfillment centers (Merch by Amazon, Printful and Printify).  They can save you money and time through dropshipping. Learn more about the benefits of dropshipping services by reading my post How to Partner with a Print on Demand Company.  I was just listening to a podcast where the Merch by Amazon shop owner does just this.

Are you inspired yet?  As a future or current business owner, there are many options within any of these top selling categories to find your niche in.  So if you’re ready to start bringing in some moolah online, then one of these seven top selling craft ideas should get you started! 

Do you have any questions about today’s post?  Are there any areas that you want to learn more about?  I want to know. Please respond in the comments section below.  That’s it for this week’s post. I hope you have a good one. See you next time.



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