The First Episode That Never Was, From SAHM to 27K in One Month. Part One: The Three Stages of a Digital Product Business

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Some of you may be new to ‘The Naptime Hustle Podcast’ while others may have been listening since the fall of 2018! Whichever camp you're in, I wanted to make sure I was upfront and transparent about what this podcast is about. It’s going to be evolving a little bit as I try to be even more open on how my business makes money-what's working, what’s not and how this can help expand your own business. 

So I’m calling this the FIRST episode (that never was) so I can give you my story and how that’s been changing over the last few years. As well as the deets on what to expect from this podcast in the future.

‘The Naptime Hustle Podcast’ is for moms who’ve tried physical product businesses but haven’t seen the return they’ve hoped for. It’s geared to help moms who are in search of a more passive form of income but are unsure how to get started. It also brings these creative mamas the right tools, strategies and mindset needed to convert their ‘side hustle’ into a consistent, flexible income.

So if you are a crafter, DIYer, artist or just motivated to sell digital products that literally sell themselves over and over again (allowing you to focus on more important things), then this is for you!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What ‘The Naptime Hustle Podcast’ is about-now and in the future
  • My story of growing my business from zero to earning $27K in one month
  • Answering the question: Why digital products for moms?
  • The three stages of a digital product business (and how you can be growing your business using these)
  • What to expect from next week’s episode

What is Mentioned On The Show:


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I’m excited you are launching your podcasts on other platforms and want to make sure I can provide feedback so you gain traction and others can listen. You do an amazing job and I would love to share reviews on iTunes Google and wherever you are now going to be podcasting from. If you could send me links I will post on all of them. I’m social media not savvy at all!! Lol. Oh! Btw I am a student and LOVE the course.

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