How I Grew My Email List by 4,000 Subscribers in ONE Week

Did you know? 

An email list is the ONLY form of online marketing where any and all the client contact information is completely yours.  I didn’t know this when I first launched my business. **facepalm** But I quickly realized that building an online audience for marketing my business was not only essential but was downright difficult in the early days. How was I going to build my audience?  I had been told that social marketing was where I needed to focus my time and energy because…..

“Email is a dying form of marketing.”

“If you don’t have a social following you’re screwed.”

“Big social following = sales!”

These were all lies.

I quickly learned that email marketing is where it’s at People!  While social marketing can help in building your business, it’s not the END ALL for building an online audience.  My 7K+ email list is the number one sales driver in selling my online courses right now. Surprised? So was I.

Here’s the thing. Your email list is the ONLY information you own the rights to online.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. who OWN All Your Customer Information.  Whenever social media platforms make changes to their platform, it affects you directly. If their site goes down, you’re screwed. If they were to shut down your business page or boot you off their platform *worst case scenario*, there is no way to take your followers with you.

Trust me ...I speak from experience…**shudder**  Facebook has been forced to make policy changes with recent issues regarding politics and advertising controversies. **yawn**  Unfortunately, these changes can happen overnight and it can be devastating to honest business owners like you and me. One Facebook policy states that if you phrase your content with any urgency or use certain words they don’t like, they can completely ban your account.  

I know because…..This happened to me.  My own Facebook ads account was banned RIGHT before I opened the Designer’s Course for enrollment this past session. I was put into “Facebook jail” the day before I was to put my ads live.  My account was completely shut down.

WHAT?!! There had to be some mistake!  So, I reached out to Facebook.  Which is no easy task, trust me. They informed me that I had violated one of their policies. There wasn’t anything I could do. Not even change the wording.  They were however, kind enough to link me to the policy (which was like reading Shakespeare in a foreign language). But, it didn’t matter, the damage was done. 

Plea from Kasey:  Before we move on to the rest of this post, I hope you are able to avoid what happened to me and my Facebook ads account. Please, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Stay on top of policy changes with all social media platforms. Or, just HIRE AN EXPERT to handle your ad accounts.  Like me, your business is your life and your freedom so you don’t want anything to take that away from you.

Where did I go from here?  I had no idea how this would affect my business or my reputation.  I was devastated. This definitely was a major setback but I couldn’t let it stop me. So, after riding a roller coaster of emotions and tears, I put on my big girl panties, said goodbye to Debbie-downer and hello to my inner superhero, KICKASS-KASEY!  I stopped thinking about how hard I had worked for nothing. So, what if enrollment this session wasn’t going to be great. It was time to strategize other ways to market my business… so I focused my efforts on my email list.  

So, what happened?  I ended up doubling enrollment compared to the previous class--just by marketing to my email list. ZERO ads on IG or FB.  Needless to say, an email list is an essential marketing tool. That being said, there are many marketing strategies, so it is important to utilize a variety so you are reaching multiple audiences.  However, from my experience, an email list is the big kahuna to driving sales! I am a believer and after reading this post, you will be too!

In this post I will share how I have been able to grow my email list to 7000 subscribers in one year, with 4000 of those subscribers signing up within just one week. Read on to learn how I grew my email list by 4,000 Subscribers in ONE Week.  

So, Keep On Reading! I dare you!

How I Grew My Email List to 4,000 Subscribers in ONE Week

1) Who Is Your Audience?

The first step in growing your email list is identifying who you are marketing to?  This includes: 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • Hangouts
  • Needs

    Once you have defined your audience, it’s time to identify how you can fulfill one of their needs in a small, simple way that can be digitally sent to your audience.  For me, I knew that my audience is constantly needing free SVG files. This really grabs their attention and speaks to them. So, I started SVG Freebie Friday giveaway.  Every Friday I giveaway one free SVG file to my email list as well as immediately send it to anyone who subscribes to the freebie via the form linked above. This has been very successful since I started it, so this is still one method I use to this day.  By defining your audience first, you will be able to identify what to offer them that will be something irresistible, something they need and that you can combine with an opt-in, which leads me to the next step.

    2)    Create An Opt In...aka a FREEBIE

    What is currently trending with your market and is relevant to your business?  If you’re really ambitious to grow your email list as quickly as possible, and you sell digital products, you could offer your most popular sale item. Which is what worked for me and how I had 4000 people sign up to my email list in one week.  

    I chose the top selling SVG file from my Etsy shop and used it as a giveaway to grow my list.  It worked magnificently! In order to get the SVG freebie, they first have to sign up for my email list in order to receive the instant download. Part of the agreement includes a checkbox, agreeing to subscribe to my email list.

    Timing is also important when using an opt in.  If the item is seasonal, be sure to offer the giveaway at the time they need it the most!  My giveaway was a pumpkin design, so I made sure to offer this in the fall. This makes the freebie even more desirable. Also, because it was a top seller, I knew the design was one that would appeal to a lot of people.

    3)  Sign Up Should Be Simple And Instant

    When setting up the freebie delivery process, it should be simple and straightforward.  The more clicks you add to the process, the more subscribers you will lose. Link directly to the opt in page.  Not a landing page or blog post that links to the opt in, just a page with a form that they enter in their name and email address.  Asking a lot of questions will deter people from opting in. Keep it Simple!

    Also, be sure to state that this is an INSTANT freebie.  The quicker you can deliver it into their hands, the better!  Set up an automatic delivery of the download upon sign up. This function (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Convert Kit, etc.) is easily setup in your email delivery system.

    4)  Publish It Everywhere

    Be sure to publish your opt in or giveaway everywhere.  The more marketing you can do here the better. Where is your customer hanging out?  Post it there! What about free groups or communities that will allow you to post your freebie or giveaway to?  Use them! The options are endless….

    • Offer to Social Influencers and their followers.
    • Post a how to video on YouTube to promote the freebie.
    • Promote it in your listing images in your store or Etsy shop.
    • Link to it on your homepage or website.
    • Talk about it in the thank you email your customers receive.

    For me, I published in some of the private Facebook groups I am a member of.  My post ended up going viral due to the fact that it was a trending design that many people wanted. 

    So, there you go.  That’s my secret sauce to growing an email list by thousands in a matter of week(s) or months!  An email list is the top marketing tool, in my opinion. I hope I have inspired you to give it a try.  With a little bit of research and setup time, you can build your email list practically in your sleep. You too, can grow your list of email subscribers in a short amount of time.  So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start now!

    What marketing strategies do you use or have you used?  Have you had trouble with social media policies? What have you done to stay on top of social media policies?  What is your biggest struggle with email growth? We all want to know, lay it on me in the comments below. I would love to help if I can.



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