Maximizing Sales Using Design Bundles - 8 Ways to Create Design Bundles that Sell

**Updated October 11th, 2019: We have updated and revised this post. We also added an audio podcast. Enjoy!**

It’s the end of the month and my online shop sales have reached over $3000.  Next month’s sales are expected to be even bigger! Even though other shop owners make much more than I do, these numbers still blow my mind!  Starting this blog, teaching and coaching has left minimal time to focus on my Etsy shop sales.  In the last 3 months I have added only 14 new designs and sales are automated. THAT’S IT! And I am still seeing 3K+.  I can’t believe a business like this exists. I know your business can too!  

Sharing Business Stats, Profits, Numbers…..Yes or No?

Many entrepreneurs question why I share my profits.  There has always been a great debate in regards to sharing profits, income, etc.  When I first started out, hearing what other designers were making was a great motivator for me.  I wanted to see hard evidence, stats, proof to back up my choice of starting a design business. Being able to see actual numbers helped me, so I want to do the same for you.  Brooke Castillo has similar beliefs regarding this topic. Check out her Life Coach School Podcast here.  Sharing sales and numbers hasn’t hurt my business.  In fact, I continue to hear how sharing this has helped all of you.  My goal is to motivate and educate people. As long as sharing my numbers and being transparent inspires people, I will continue being open and candid. 

Just remember, YOU are what YOU create.  YOUR brand, YOUR business and simply just YOU won’t be for everyone.  Some people choose to be transparent and others don’t. This is a personal choice.  You will attract people who like you and people who don’t will move along. C’est La Vie.  What appeals to some people won’t appeal to other people.    As long as sharing my numbers helps at least one person, I will continue to share.  

What’s your view on being open with your own business’ numbers?  Does my transparency help motivate you? Respond below, I would love to hear from you!  Now let’s discuss: 

Why Design Bundles Boost Cut File Sales 

Design bundles are a great option to offer in your Etsy shop.  Consumers want to get more for their money. Who doesn’t? They also want to purchase reliable designs that work in their cutting machines. The right design bundle can increase value, sales and profits.  There are strategies for bundling designs, that will maximize your sales and success. I have identified 8 strategies to create design bundles that maximize Etsy online business sales.

When I started my SVG design business, I was so excited when I listed my first design.  I was ecstatic when I had my first sale! Unfortunately, it is easy to get discouraged because that one design definitely won’t make you rich.  In fact, at first it can feel like your hard work outweighs the profits. Keeping the price affordable and competitive can make you question whether you will ever be able to have a successful business.  Believe me ...I felt the same way too. Then I discovered that offering Design Bundles helped me add more value to my products. Customers recognized that they were getting more quality designs for their money and I was able to increase my price point.  Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, It works!!  

Design bundles appealed my customers’ desire for a bargain.  Instead of getting one item for $1. They can buy a bundle with 5 designs for a total $3.  That’s only $0.60 per design. Not only did my sales increase but also my profit margin. Etsy charges $0.20 to list each item so with a higher price we get to keep more of that sale.  Many of my customers are Etsy business owners. They need cut file designs to create their product and still keep their overhead low and profit margin high. Therefore, by offering design bundles helps both me and my customers.  IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION!

But, don’t give up on single design items just yet. Single design items are still essential when first launching an online cut file design Etsy shop.  If you are struggling with selling designs on Etsy, you might want to refer to my blog post  “5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Sales on Etsy”.  I discuss steps and tools that helped me gain momentum when I first launched.  I mention the importance of HUSTLING, listing as many designs as you can in the beginning.  Once sales become consistent, THEN you can back off. Don’t be one one of the many new shop owners who overlook these strategies.  

So, in my experience, your Etsy Business success requires a mixture of both single designs and design bundles.  Each design option is beneficial to your online business. A single design lowers the profit per item but will allow customers to try designs without spending a lot of money on an unknown designer. On the other hand, a bundle takes longer to design but can bring in customers that might otherwise not have visited the store and increase your profit margin.  Keep on reading to learn how to create the right design bundle to maximize your sales and profits.Today we are going to focus on 8 strategies to create design bundles that sell. 

Ready! Set!  Let’s Start Bundling!


8 Strategies To Create Design Bundles That Sell!

1-Consistency is Key…Design With Intention!

Just because the designs have the same theme, doesn’t mean they will sell.  More than just school or baby themed, it must also be the same style. Style is the method you created each item.  For instance, did you use a hand-drawn look as opposed to a wet brush look? Keep it consistent.  If you’re creating a school bundle, you can keep the designs more playful.  A whimsical and elegant wedding bundle shouldn’t include a casual image. They must all be one or the other.  Keep your theme and style in mind. Design with intention!

2-Color Me Coordinated!

What is the color palette you are using...complementary, monochromatic?  Do they look good together? It may be easier to choose your color palette prior to creating your design.  I prefer to design one item first and then match the remaining designs to it. Colors can make or break a design.  Many people struggle when it comes to choosing colors. In “The Designer’s Course To SVG Files” I share strategy around selecting colors. Students who have taken the course say it has made huge improvements in their designs.  For a more in depth look at design strategies refer to the module, “The Formula To Top Selling SVG Designs.” Also included are design examples and exercises to implement what we have learned.  I also discuss some helpful tools and software.   

3-Patterns….No More Than Two!

Another way to unify a bundle is to use patterns that compliment each other.  (floral patterns, stripes, dots etc.) Interchanging a couple of patterns between the design items can really tie everything together.  Be sure to stay away from using too many patterns which will confuse the user and clutter the design. No more than two patterns per bundle is a good rule to go by.

4-Stroke Widths and Border Widths….Pleasing To The Eye Not Confusing

The concept of stroke widths was difficult for me to grasp.  However, when I finally did, I noticed a huge consistency shift in my designs.  Now, I am very OCD when it comes to stroke widths. Border widths and strokes in general can impact design consistency.  Different widths, shapes and sizes can be confusing to the eye. You’ll be surprised at how much a stroke width can impact your design.

5-Fonts...How Many To Use and Do They Go Well Together

The style of fonts and the number of fonts you use in a design bundle can also impact consistency.  Even more important is the types of fonts that are used together. I choose to limit the fonts I use in designs to keep it unified and reduce the busyness of the bundle.

6-Number of Designs In A Bundle ...Less Is More!

More isn’t always better when it comes to how many designs to bundle together.  Think about your listing. Consider what will be the primary image that shows buyers what they receive or what is shown in a search.  Too many designs crowded into one image can be hard to read and hard to see. Therefore, less designs can be seen more easily. Also by focusing on a main theme and using 4-5 interchangeable designs that flow well together, the buyer will more likely be able to visualize what they can create with the bundle. 

7-Strategic Pricing...The Price Must Be Right!

How do you determine a price for your bundle?  Your competitors, the quality of your designs and how established you are as a designer contribute to the pricing of your bundles. Researching your competitors is a great place to start.  Some things to consider are competitor prices for similar design bundles and the length of time they have been in business. The next area that impacts pricing your designs relates to you as a designer and a business owner.  If I were starting over, right now, my bundles would definitely be priced lower and priced to sell because nobody knows who I am. I need to establish myself as a trustworthy designer. Lastly, the price depends on what you are selling as well.  Fonts go for more than cut files, cut files go for more than clipart pieces. Pricing is important no matter what design realm you are in and can be the difference of whether someone buys your product or someone else’s.

8-Standout From All The Rest….It’s All In The Presentation!

The final strategy for bundling designs is the presentation of your bundle.  Design arrangement must be appealing and complimentary to the items. What about branding?  How does branding impact your presentation? On the positive side, your presentation helps you stand out from all of the other designers.  If your presentation is off balance or appears scattered, it can ruin the best of designs.

I hope this post has provided you with some helpful insight when it comes to bundling your designs.  By implementing these strategies into your design bundles, you’ll be able to increase sales, improve value and draw more traffic to your store.  Remember, customers want quality designs for a great price. They also want to be able to create without fear of the design not working. By offering quality design bundles, you are building trust with customers and establishing yourself as a business.  

I encourage you to use these 8 strategies when bundling your designs.  I strongly believe that the success I have experienced by following these design bundle strategies, will also work for you.  Feel free to share what design strategies have improved your sales. What hasn’t worked? Please share your ideas below. That’s it for today! 





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