Photoshop vs Illustrator for Earning a Passive Income Online

In this week's episode we are going to hit on the different items you can create in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that are digital items (for the most part) that can be sold.

Hello. Hello Kasey here. Welcome to this week's episode and this episode we are going to be hitting on a couple of different things and I guess I should say more than a couple of different items that you can create in Adobe Photoshop or in Adobe illustrator that our digital items for the most part, there's one that's not that can be sold online. I am sometimes asked by newbies in the field, why do I choose to make designs with illustrator? And my answer is to be honest, this is just what I've always used. I learned this program in college and it is still taught in many universities and Adobe is considered the top creative software line on the market today. And it was also the same back in the day when I used it or learned it some 12 years ago ago. And so far I haven't seen any other softwares as of yet that have made me want to switch, so I'm going to stick with it.

I do however like also because they continue to upgrade and improve their software and all of their apps. So the CC version, the Adobe CC versions they continue to include integrations with other softwares. Like font self is one that you create a fonts with. And now they have a whole line of apps that integrate with or you can download on the iPad pro and that will actually integrate with your desktop cc app. So I heard that coming up, they're going to put the entire Photoshop app on the iPad pro which would be amazing. That's the rumor as of right now as far as I know, it hasn't been released yet, but I for 1:00 AM waiting for the day when they released the full Adobe illustrator app on the iPad pro. That would make my business and cut file design a lot easier.

But who knows when that will happen. But that is why I use Adobe illustrator and have used it over the past 12 years. Now, there was a time there that I, you know, didn't really use it as much. I used Adobe Photoshop and I actually forgot a lot of what I had learned in school about Adobe illustrator. And it wasn't until I came back to or started designing cut files that I actually came back to illustrator and retaught myself. But you decide what software is best for you because there are definitely several popping up nowadays. But let's move on. So for today's episode we will be discussing all the, well, and I shouldn't say all, but many of the ways that you can use Photoshop versus Adobe Illustrator to generate passive income online. And specifically what you able to create in each that is trending right now.

Cause you guys know me, I'm all about the trends about choosing the most effective and profitable areas possible. This is what we're going to be discussing. And you know, back when I first started, back in the day, I wanted to be a web designer. That was the area I was seeing at the time, which was on the up. Because back then you couldn't just go and pick one of a billion softwares or apps and click and drag and build your web pages. Right? Or you can go to, you know, what does it, monster template or wordpress template. Dot com and choose your premade template, right, for your website. They didn't have that back then back then you had to go and find a web developer. So I'll go in through college. I took these coding classes because this is what I thought I wanted to do.

And all these design classes and I started down this road and I even got a job on campus there at the internship and career services department and they, the department had me updating their website and while I was doing that and coding, you know, it would take me like an hour or several hours just to get a little piece of code done. And it, it really didn't make me thrive. It wasn't a passion of mine. I didn't enjoy it. So when choosing which design area to pursue, if you choose a passion you have and really enjoy it and it just comes easy and easier for you to just jump on board when the time comes that you've designated to work. Right. You know, you're excited to work, you're excited to jump onboard and to jump into that next task. There's been ventures over the years that I've tried and each time it come to me working on my business, I just couldn't bring myself to it.

You know? It's all fun and games and exciting and the beating, you know the honeymoon stage in that beginning phase and all, you know what that feels like, right? And then it starts tapering off and you just find yourself all of a sudden like, I don't want to do this. I just cannot bring myself to get on my computer and work on this and blah, blah blah. Okay, I'm just going to watch good girls and work on that later. Right. I know many of you are sitting there like raising your hand like, yes, that is totally me. And instead what if we were to choose an area that we are very passionate about, an area that we just love doing, that we look forward to jumping into each and every day and that's the catch, right? If we choose an area that we're this passionate about and that we loved this much, we'll 10 times more likely stick with it in the long run and be successful at it in the long run.

So back then I decided not to go into web design or coding. But that was the big thing back then. Right. And since then we've seen many other things pop up online that are in the online design, digital design industry. There's the huge area in design commerce that has just exploded, right? So selling your designs, that's designed commerce. People are needing designs for the, their websites still, but they also need their advertisements. They need items for their social media. You know, there's all these different things that these online business owners like me and like you need, because there have been, and I'm not just tooting my own horn with this, but there have been several times where I'm just like, God, I need this for my business and I am not finding it right now. And someone should make these or start a website offering these.

And I just wish that there was a service or that somebody out there was doing this. So I'm going to include these things, some of these things that I have seen a need for. And then other things that I see a big demand for as well. So be taking some notes cause one of these might work for you and honestly like I even hesitated sharing some of these because they are that good and I secretly want to do some of these, but I don't have any time. I barely put my own face on most days. I have two toddlers and a business and everyday life. So definitely not on the search for new business ideas, but I know many of you are. So grab a notebook and let's dive right in. Okay, so let's start with Photoshop. And a little side note, we're going to be focusing on design commerce, right?

So specifically items that can be made in Photoshop and illustrator and sold digitally online passive income people bacter [inaudible] that was so stupid. Don't leave. I just had another mom messaged me on the Igg and she was like, yeah, I just had two sales come out over night and I'm so, so excited. I love passive income. This is great. But that is what happens. You guys in this type of a business, in this type of an online business with passive income, through selling your designs, you make sales overnight. And it is such an amazing feeling to be making sales while you sleep, to be making sales while you play with your family and to have the flexibility in your life that you want. That is what passive income through selling your designs is all about. So this is something I'm very passionate about. I had dedicated lots of time into the market and to watching what design items are the most profitable.

What people and my students especially can be making with their new skills that I teach them. So I'm, I don't teach Photoshop, but I do teach Adobe illustrator. So Photoshop, as many of you know it is for photos and a lot of people edit photos in it, but there's a lot of other stuff that you can use Photoshop for and there's a lot of different things that you can design in Photoshop. Number One, first step, mock up images. Okay, these are huge. These are the images. That sole purpose is to display a physical product that hasn't been created yet. So you're displaying your digital designs that haven't been, you know, added or applied to a physical product yet, a physical item yet and you're actually laying them on top of a photo that is of a shirt or a mug and you use this photo to list your items on Etsy or to display on your website or your social media so that it's all cutesy and people can see what it will look like when it is completed.

Right. So this is definitely a huge area. It's one that I am constantly needing photos with for my own company. I have even resorted to taking my own photos, which I hate to do and I don't have time to do, but I have done it just so that I have the marketing and materials in place. So get your camera out, take some pretty flat lays of some pretty shirts, people, plain shirts, nothing on them right and sell these. There's a big need for it right now. Do it right now. K branding photo packages. So all these websites like pin and and all these blogs and all these business owners and all these people teaching courses and you know, all of these podcasters, they have these websites and they need branding for it. But it's kind of hard to find a large photo bundle, a large photo package that matches your branding, that speaks to the audience that you're wanting to speak to and matches the style that your audience likes, that matches your colors.

So I am constantly, constantly, constantly looking for great photos and photo bundles that match my branding. There's a constant need for that. I don't want to be showing these photos to all of my customers all the time just over and over and over, you know, using the same photos. That is something that they will grow old and tired with. Right. So when I do webinars, you know, my PowerPoint presentations for my webinars when I use photos on my website, on my social channels, on my blog post and I want all of them to go together. So there's another idea and I think would be a good one and more so in the crafting industry, there's sites out there who offer these photo packages and bundles, but I haven't seen any that to be completely honest, are really cute and are not over the top with their colors that are just clean, that are just modern with a lot of white space and revolve around a cutting or crafting business.

Okay. Have you guys, I don't know, maybe I'm just like living in a cave, but if you have seen them, go ahead and comment down below and let me know or contact me because I am on the look. I have always been an, I haven't been able to find any, but regardless, I think this is also a good area to look into and that there's definitely a need for it if that fits what you're able to do and offer your customers. Okay. Next one, I kind of already mentioned this one, but flat lays, I wanted to go back over this one. So flat lays are not just tee shirts but they're also like office props and materials like greenery or you know, stapler or a pen and pencil, a phone, just a flat layer on a desktop. You guys have seen these? I used them in my last masterclass.

I use them all the time in our private Facebook group with my students when I'm, when we're going to have a Facebook live. Like I post up a little schedule and it's usually a flat way of when my next Facebook live is going to happen. So in short, if you have a whole bunch of office props and materials or maybe it's like craft supplies lying around, I know you guys have like a billion rolls of vinyl, right? That are all sorts of different colors and all so cute. Why don't you use that pretty desktop? Maybe it's a wood dust hopper, white dust top of yours, and take some pictures, you know, get your Handy Dandy camera and take some pictures and sell those pictures and Bam, you may just have me as your customer, your biggest customer. Okay. Onto the next one. Now these ones can be made an either or.

So up until this point, these were all being made in Photoshop, right? I'm going to give you a few that I think can be made in Adobe illustrator or Photoshop or a combination of the two printable planners. You know what's big right now? I was just looking on Etsy. One of the main searches right now is mom journals, k mom journals. There's obviously quite a few people who are looking for this and so, hey, let's give them what they want, what they need. You know what I tell you guys all the time, give the customers what they need and what they want and what they're searching for. And Yeah, some of them might be looking for the actual physical journal, but there's going to be some people, I bet your bottom dollar that are also looking for digital journals that they can just print and put in.

They're already three ring little binder that they have instead of purchasing, you know, the $30 $40 journal. There's another one or business planners. I use a business planner for my business. I, you know, and I've talked about this before, I purchase from the same girl every year and I just send her a message. I tell her, hey, I need the calendar updated for 2019 if it's not are already on her Etsy shop. And she go ahead and and makes the listing and then sends me a link and I printed out on the same size of paper that I do each year. I punch it with my little three ring binder that I also bought on Etsy and there I am. So I'm ready to go. I just insert it into my planner and it's the same design and cuteness as it was the previous year and it matches the rest of my planner.

And you know, a lot of it is just people not wanting to spend a ton of money on planners each year, each year, each year. It's a whole lot easier to have an insertable planner that I could just take out, get rid of the stuff that I don't need as a business owner, and then replace it with new stuff the following year with new inserts the following year. And then also planners. The same exact thing with planners, you know, and not just business planners. There's mom planners, you know, with the new school year that's happening when all of your kids have all of their appointments and all of their activities with school and with sports or there's, you know, housekeeping cleaning schedules, grocery lists, there's all sorts of different type of planners and calendars that you can create and that people are needing in wanting year after year. There's also printable invitations.

A lot of people don't pay to have their invitations created professionally. They'd much rather have a custom invitation that they can just print maybe on their own printer or a computer or at home or at their local business that they can just print for a fraction of the cost as what professional invitations are. So printable invitations are another one, calligraphy. So calligraphy can be done, like I said, in both Adobe or Photoshop. That's another one that's been on the rise. And then there's also digital papers. So some of the top shops that are selling on Etsy right now, all that they'd sell is, are these digital papers. So digital patterns or borders that they can just take and apply to, I don't know, whatever they want, they can print them out and use them as like scrapbooking paper or they can use them as a backdrop on a design that they're creating.

There's several, several different uses for digital papers. Those are another big ones. And then there's also like the Victorian papers think the very top, most selling successful shop on Etsy sells these Vick, these Victorian style of digital downloads. And people use them in journals. They use them in their planners. They can just print out and have these cute little inserts that give the vintage feel. Those are really big as well as watercolors. So all these watercolor design elements people are, you know, making those in Photoshop and then reselling those for the same reason. Okay. Adobe illustrator. Let's go into some of the things that you can create on Adobe illustrator. Some of these won't be any surprise to you. Since this is my area of expertise and I've speaking a lot to each of these since I've been in this area.

So first and foremost cut files. So for those of you who are new so cut files can be used on cricket or silhouette or laser cutting machines. They can also be used in t-shirt designs and on t-shirts. And that leads me into my next point. So t-shirt designs. So graphic tees, like I shared with you a few weeks back, are a big trend right now and happen for the past couple of years, as I'm sure you've noticed. You can either make the shirt yourself or since we were focusing on passive income, you can launch an Amazon t-shirt shop. So Amazon fulfills it for you and, and you can just sell on Amazon or you can get a print on demand partner. So a third party to fulfill the order for you. And I've had several blog posts on this. You can go to [inaudible] dot com forward slash blog and just scroll through my blog posts and like you'll find it pretty quick cause there's been a few different posts that I've had on it.

So, and this is actually been a big headache for us. We are, once again switching our print on demand partner. The two that we have tried have not worked out. So we're once again on the market. But I truly believe that this is a profitable area. I have seen it to be a profitable area. So after two strikes, we are once again looking, another thing that you can create in Adobe illustrator is clip art. You know, we dove into a bit of that, but clip art, this is more vectorized clip art. So solid colors. You know, you sell them the eps file or the Adobe illustrator file that is a part of their download and then they can go and use it, you know, on the web or to add to another design element. And the range of use varies quite a bit.

So there's another one, one that is trending and has been for the past couple of years that our fonts, the fonts that you are able to install on your computer and use basically everywhere, right on any invitation and any word document or t-shirt, the possibilities are just endless, right? So you can create a downloadable font for your customers. And a big style right now are the calligraphy style fonts and the hand lettering fonts with all the cute swirls. And you know, it's not just like a block style type that we're used to seeing on the computer, but actual like, it looks like somebody just sat there and you know it out. I'm Teela Cunningham has a great course on how to create fonts. They, I highly recommend, I've been through that. There's one source for you to look into. Another our brushes, you can create brushes using Adobe illustrator.

You know, like I said, you can use these brushes for calligraphy or hand lettering like we just hit on and you can make unique brushes in Photoshop or in procreate and then send them to Adobe illustrator to be vectorized and prepared to be used by the customer in whatever software they're using. And you know, just a side note on this, if you want to vectorize your designs that are created in Photoshop or these other apps like procreate, these are pixel based, right? So this means you can only export them as an image. Then you need a software like Adobe illustrator to vectorize them and to clean them up into really make them a high quality design. So this includes like fonts, paintings, any physical artwork, any hand lettering or designs, like I said, in procreate or Photoshop. And the list goes on and on and on.

And you need to vectorize these vectorize the image and convert it into a raw vector format that can be manipulated, edited, or altered to whatever you need. Make sense? Okay. Totally geeking out on this stuff. But bear with me. Okay, last one. Digital Art. You're like, okay, all of this is digital art, Casey. And I'm like, yes. But artists will paint their watercolor, you know, their portraits, they're little sketches. They'll draw and in their notebooks and whatever they create, they can digitize. Yeah. And they can prepare it to be sold. So if I were talented at this, I would definitely be digitizing my work because the competition for things like these is way down. When you sell online, you know, you think about it, people like me, I can't do that. I don't have that talent to, to create artwork like that. As detailed as that.

And many others don't either. So this eliminates a lot of the competition online. And once you digitize it, the buyer can use it on their website, you know, and all different places everywhere. So it is a very, very unique piece that is hard to find online. Okay, so let's go over our list here. So things that you can create in Photoshop that can be sold, mockup images, branding, photo packages, and flat lays. And then items that you can create in Adobe illustrator or Photoshop include printable planners printable invitations, calligraphy, digital papers, Victorian patterns, different water color styles. And then in Photoshop you can create cuff files. And then also tee shirt designs. You can create a variety of clip art. You can also create, or I guess convert your fonts and Adobe illustrator as well as your brushes that you're able to sell to other artists.

And then also the digital art. So the physical artwork that you're able to convert into a digital format and sell that. So that is all for this week. If you are interested in selling on Etsy, I do offer my 10 proven steps to launching a successful Etsy shop. This is a free guide that I have just poured my heart into. This is the same process that I used and tips that I have to share that have helped my own shops be successful over the several years that I've been doing this. So you can grab forward slash Etsy tips. I'll see you guys next week. Bye.


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