The "Top 4 Insider Tips”

to becoming an SVG Designer and Seller.

The Major Mindset Shift

that is needed in order to become a successful SVG seller.

The Top 4 Mistakes Made

by new designers that ends up costing them time and money.

The Unlimiting Software

used to create top-selling designs - even if you're not so tech-savvy.

The Cutting Industry Today

and why now is the best time to earn passive income online.



Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for your time or you're simply spread too thin with the responsibilities of every day life, this year can be the breakthrough year you've been waiting for.

So much has changed and continues to change.
There's nothing but room for more SVG designers.

Join me to get fully updated on why becoming an SVG designer right now is the best decision you can make in 2019 and beyond.

This is a Must Attend If.....

  • You are overwhelmed with everyday life.
  • You feel stretched too thin.
  • You are tied down to a time-sucking job or business.
  • You know something needs to change, you're just unsure what it is.
  • You crave time, freedom and happiness in your day-to-day work.
  • You love expressing your creativity through design, art, or crafting. 
  • You wish you could make money doing something you love.

Hi! I'm Kasey...

I am the designer and creator behind Pen + Posh,
an Etsy success dream that became a reality!

After 7+ years doing freelance graphic design on the side, working 50+ hours a week at my day job, and after years of jumping from one stressful job to the next....I decided I was done. I was going to do whatever it took to  make my love to create into my full-time, steady income.

I started designing and selling cut files on Etsy. I loved the flexibility passive income provided my family and I. I was hooked!  With my combined background in graphic design, Internet marketing and CIT (computer information technology) and a love to craft, I quickly designed, troubleshooted and created quality cut files that worked and continue to work flawlessly in cutting programs.

Pen + Posh quickly rose to the top 1% of shops selling on Etsy and replaced my corporate income within a matter of months!

I believe everyone has creativity instilled in them at birth. Cut file design is a way to do what we naturally love and express this creativity, while also earning a passive income. I have found what I love and I want to help you find it too. 

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Join me. Let's create together.

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